Environmentally Friendly Pest Control in Middleton, Nampa, Boise & McCall, ID

Looking for a green pest control option? Consider BurrowRx.

Traditional methods of pest control contain hazardous chemicals that can harm your family, pets, and other wildlife. The professionals at High Desert Wildlife & Pest Solutions offer a safe, green alternative, called BurrowRx, that is even more effective than other pest control methods.

How BurrowRx works:

  • The device deploys carbon monoxide into rodent’s burrows to kill them without potentially poisoning other animals.
  • The whole process takes place underground, so you don’t see any unsightly carcasses – they are disposed of under the soil.
  • No other animals or plants are harmed.

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3 reasons to use BurrowRx for your green pest control needs in Middleton, Nampa, Boise and McCall, ID:

Stop using harmful and outdated pest control methods. The next time you are in need of pest control services, think of your family and pets – consider the environmentally friendly choice, BurrowRx, that:

  • Is designated as a pest control device by the FDA
  • Has no secondary kills of non-target species – making it safer for families with pets
  • Is more efficient than other pest control methods

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